2019 Featured Speakers

Gary Green, MD

Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD

Samuel Shem, MD

Tim Ballard

Abdul Nasser Kaadan, MD, PhD

2018 Featured Speakers

Amy Herman
Jeff Hirschi

Much more than Standard

We can’t thank our 2019 sponsors and partners enough for their generosity. They help fund a portion the OSMS annual CME conference, so that we can maintain lower costs for our members. They do so much more than just support us. We encourage you to find out more about what they do and how they can be of service to you, by clicking on the corresponding logo.

What’s new at the 74th OSMS annual CME, Bringing Healthcare to the World Conference? Find out here. We’ll keep you posted as information gets updated.

OSMS remembers those members who recently passed away:

In Memoriam

Wayne Bosworth, MD
Thomas Feeny, MD
Nester Ledsma, MD
Chancey Michaleson, MD
A. Lloyd Poulson, MD

Robert V. Despain, MD
Conrad Monson, MD
Drew Peterson, MD
Homer Rich, MD
Charles Swindler, MD
Kenneth Wadsworth, MD

D. Wilson Hales, MD
C. Basil Williams
Dr. Wesley G. Harline

Bruce Balkin, MD
Vernal Hyrum Johnson, MD
Ray Earl Burdett, MD

Clayton Ronald Gabbert, MD
Keith Alfred Stratford, MD

Michael John Healey, MD
Charles L. Pennington, MD
Lowell Raymond Daines, MD
Daniel Clyde Hunter, Jr., MD
Wayne LaMar Hirschi, MD
M. Paul Southwick, MD

LaVal W. Spencer, MD
William Richard Egbert, MD
John D. Newton, MD

Boyd Joseph Farr, MD
Hallard Benjamin Harmon, MD

Charles Berwald, MD
Jeffory Deiss, PA-C
Oliver Marwin Lewis, MD
Morgan Reed Merrill, MD
Edward Dwayne Morton, MD

Ralph Blaine Foley, MD
Christ Christensen, MD
Leon H. White, MD
Dean Linford Bunderson, MD
N. Blaine Belnap, MD