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Thank You to Our
Generous 2018 Sponsors

Primary and Specialty Joy of Medicine 2018

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We can’t thank our 2018 sponsors and partners enough for their generosity. They help fund a portion of the OSMS annual CME conference so that we can maintain lower costs for our members. They do so much more than just support us. We encourage you to find out more about what they do and how they can be of service to you by clicking on the corresponding logo.

Thank You to Our
Generous 2017 Sponsors

Medicine in Tomorrowland 2017: Preparing for the Future of Medicine

Partner Conference Level - $7,500+

For more information regarding OSMS sponsors and partners, as well as local service providers, events and general information, please click on the corresponding links and logos.

Gold Conference Level - $5,000 - $7,499

Edith Dee Green Foundation

Bronze Conference Level - $1,000 - $2,499

  • Cache Valley Physicians
  • Chad M. Gonzales, MD
  • Circle of Life Women’s Center
  • Douglas & Shelley Felt Family Foundation
  • Harlo B. Rigby Charitable Trust
  • Intermountain Medical Group Weber/North Davis
  • Northern Utah Surgeons - Steve Carabine, MD, Robert C. Moesinger, MD, Joseph Hansler, MD, & Victor Varela, MD
  • Spencer S. and Hope Fox Eccles Family
  • Stephen G. and Susan E. Denkers Family Foundation
  • Steve F. Johnson, MD, Joyce Johnson Stillwell, & Val B. Johnson, MD, In Memory of Vernal H. Johnson, MD
  • Stewart Education Foundation
  • Utah Hematology Oncology PC
  • Utah Medical Association Foundation
  • Val A. Browning Foundation
  • Virgil J. Parker, MD
  • Weber County ENT Physicians-Alexander Ramirez, MD, Douglas K. Anderson, MD, Nadim B. Bikhazi, MD, Stewart Barlow, MD, & McKay ENT-Michael Scheuller, MD

Friend Conference Level - Up to $999

  • Ralph E. Friz, MD
  • Brian Heaton, MD
  • Robert A. Skankey, MD

Silver Conference Level - $2,500 - $4,999

  • Fresenius
  • Lawrence T. & Janet T. Dee Foundation In Memory of William Riley Brown, MD
  • McKay-Dee Surgical Center
  • UMIA
  • Utah Emergency Physicians at McKay-Dee
  • Weber State University Dumke College of Health Professions
  • Weber State University Department of Health Sciences

In-Kind Conference Friends

  • Gilbert E. Caillouet, MD
  • McKay-Dee Hospital
  • Ogden Regional Medical Center
  • Weber State University
    Graduate Athletic Training Program
  • Woods, Richards, & Associates, P.C.,
    Certified Public Accountants

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