Clark Lowe Rich M.D.

Clark L. Rich was born in Ogden, Utah on January 21, 1901. He was the son of Dr. Ezra Clark Rich and Annie Low Rich, and the grandson of Charles Coulson Rich for whom Rich County (Bear Lake area) was named. Dr. Rich's family is associated with much development of the West. His father, (Ezra Clark Rich), uncle (Edward I Rich) and Cousin (Junior Edward Rich) were all respected physicians in Ogden.

His elementary education was in Ogden and his pre-medical training was at the University of Utah. In 1925 he graduated from Harvard Medical School with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He interned at St. Luke's Hospital in Chicago where he specialized in surgery. He also did some post-graduate studying in Vienna. In 1928 he joined his father in Ogden, Utah.

Dr. Rich was the local surgeon for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. He was one of the three original founders of the Ogden Surgical Society and served as its first president.

He was a member of the U.S. Army Medical Corp Reserve Officers from 1932-1941. In World War II he was chief medical examiner for Weber County Selective Services. In 1944 he was appointed senior surgeon in the Reserve Corp of the Public Health Service.

Clark married Dorothy Scowcroft in 1929. He lived in a truly wondrous age. He was born in the horse and buggy days and lived to see the astronauts conquer space. The same was true with medicine. He lived in the age of discovery and application of miracle drugs, sulfa, penicillin, and insulin. He saw new developments in surgical instruments, anesthetics and surgical procedures.

In the beginning of his practice he performed many services such as delivering babies, taking care of children with measles, mumps, and tonsillitis and treating adults with broken bones and appendicitis. As medical science progressed and became more specialized he chose to concentrate on orthopedics and abdominal surgery.

Each autumn he and his wife would travel east to the American Medical Association meetings or the American College of Surgeons meetings to study and learn new techniques and update his knowledge of his specialties. He maintained his early friendships with doctors at Mayo Clinic, and many physicians visited his home in Ogden for the annual Surgical Society meetings. Some of these such as Crile, House, Charles, Mayo, Allen, Wagenstein, Ochsner, Priestly, Hinds, and Huthings.

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