The Ogden Surgical-Medical Society (OSMS) is a CME community created by and for medical professionals, providing a platform for empowering health-care professionals through education and collaboration since 1946.

Our annual conference is designed to keep health providers current through diverse, expert-led discussions and presentations, hands-on labs, and professional dialogue with colleagues, which improve overall competence and performance, and enable improved patient care.

Founded in 1946, we are the longest serving continuing medical education (CME) organization west of the Mississippi. Conference participants come from across the country. We offer accreditation to MDs and DOs and other societies accept this accreditation: Podiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and EMS Professionals. Our meeting is one of the first of its kind to meet the standards established by national medical accrediting bodies, and has been attended by thousands of physicians over the years.

To help our community members lead change in their medical practices, we assemble a number of thought leaders comprised of recognized faculty, and eminent medical scientists and practitioners who address current concerns and future trends through informed presentations. Past guest speakers represent more than 50 different medical colleges and universities, 29 states and eight countries.

Our members’ time is valuable, so we ensure that our conference time is well spent. Members have opportunities for formal and informal collaboration through participation in working labs and meals during the day, and social dinners and activities in the evening. While here, be sure to take advantage of all Ogden has to offer from diverse shopping and dining venues, as well as outdoor recreation in and around the Wasatch Mountain Range.

Board of Directors

Chair Marc Johnson, MD
Co-Chair Heather Heileson, MD
Treasurer Stephen Scharmann, MD
CME Chair Chad M. Gonzales, MD
Secretary Bryan Campbell, MD
Program President Michael S. Webb, MD
Program President Elect Petronella Adomako, MD
Program Past President Kurt E. Rifleman, MD
Trustee #1 Jason R. Hoagland, MD
Trustee #2 Douglas K. Anderson, MD
Trustee/Historian Val Johnson, MD
Member-at-Large Brian Bennion, MPA, LEHS
Member-at-Large Frank Brown, MD
Member-at-Large Albert Hartman, MD
Member-at-Large Harry O. Senekjian, MD
Member-at-Large Clark Madsen, MD, MS
Member-at-Large Scott Moore, DO
Member-at-Large Robert Whipple, MD
Executive Director Teresa Puskedra, MPC

Finance Committee

Treasurer/ChairSteve Scharmann, MD
ChairMarc Johnson, MD
Co-ChairHeather Heileson, MD
SecretaryBryan Campbell, MD
Program PresidentMichael S. Webb, MD
Program President ElectPetronella Adomako, MD
Program Past PresidentKurt E. Rifleman, MD
Trustee/HistorianVal Johnson, MD
Executive DirectorTeresa Puskedra

CME Committee

CME ChairChad M. Gonzales, MD
ChairMarc Johnson, MD
Co-ChairHeather Heileson, MD
TrusteeDouglas K. Anderson, MD
Past PresidentKurt E. Rifleman, MD
SecretaryBryan Campbell, MD

Advisory Board

Advisory Board President Michael S. Webb, MD
Infectious Disease Petronella Adomako, MD
Otolaryngology Douglas K. Anderson, MD
Weber-Morgan Health Department Brian Bennion, MPA, LEHS
Family Medicine Frank H. Brown, MD
Family Medicine Bryan Campbell, MD
Social Worker Nancy X. Card, LCSW
Gastroenterology Eric Eliason, DO
Hospitalist Specialist Laurel Fedor, MD
Gastroenterologist Chad M. Gonzales, MD
OB/GYN Albert Hartman, MD
Emergency Medicine Heather Heileson, MD
Pediatrics Jason R. Hoagland, MD
Family Medicine Marc Johnson, MD
Pathology Val Johnson, MD
Critical Care (Intensivist) Barbara Kerwin, DO
Family Medicine Clark Madsen, MD, MS
Professor WSU/Pathology Scott Moore, DO
Family Medicine Kurt E. Rifleman, MD
Sports Medicine Stephen Scharmann, MD
Nephrology Harry Senekjian, MD
Interventional Radiology Michael Webb, MD
General Surgery Robert Whipple, MD
Registered Nurse Trina White, RN

Program Committee

ChairMichael S. Webb, MD
MembersBoard Members

Nominating Committee

Chair/Program PresidentMichael S. Webb, MD
Program Past PresidentKurt E. Rifleman, MD
TrusteeJason R. Hoagland, MD