Presentations 2013

Presentations 2013

Day 1: Wednesday, May 15

Day 2: Thursday, May 16


Febrile UTI Update – Patrick C. Cartwright, MD

Pediatric Anxiety, Depression, ADHD – Lisa L. Giles, MD

Pediatric Diabetes – David Donaldson, MD

Pediatric Disorders of Bone Fragility – David A. Stevenson, MD

Pediatric Chronic Abdominal Pain – John F. Pohl, MD

The Wild Life of Our Bodies and Every Living Thing – Rob Dunn, PhD (video)

Food Allergies – Timothy J. Sullivan, MD

Hypertension, How Should We Manage it in 2013 – Barry Stults, MD

Dietary Changes to Slow the Progression of CKD – Kalani Raphael, MD

Day 3: Friday, May 17


Gallbladder Disease – Robert C. Moesinger, MD

Breast Cancer – Catherine Babcock, MD

Business Meeting, New Officers & Annual Report – Robert Whipple, MD

OSMSC History – Noel Nellis, MD

Management of Endometriosis – Jeffery Arrington, MD

Resident Program Presentation
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Unfinished Business of Health Reform – David A. Ansell, MD (video)

Testosterone Therapy in Men – Abraham Morgentaler, MD

Postmenopausal Therapy 2013 – Alan Altman, MD

Bariatric Surgery – Eric Volckmann, MD