Presentations 2014

Presentations 2014

Pre-Conference: Tuesday, May 13

Medical Breakthroughs Developed in Ogden:
Sinuplasty – a Disruptive Technology
Nadim Bikhazi, MD

Day 1: Wednesday, May 14

Welcome and Annoucements
with WSU Provost Dr. Michael Vaughan

What’s New in My Specialty?
Robert Wayment, MD

What’s New in My Specialty?
Chad Tingey, MD

What’s New in My Specialty?
Protecting Our Patients
Curtis Giles, Child Welfare Administrator of DCFS

What’s New In My Specialty:
HealthInsight Utah’s Top 5: Quality Issues You Need to Know About This Year
Sarah Woolsey, MD

The Changing Paradigm for Evaluation of Cognitive Complaints:
Practical & Ethical Considerations
Norman Foster, MD

Neurology of Art:
Neurological, Cognitive, & Evolutionary Perspectives (Brain, Behavior & Cognition)
Dahlia W. Zaidel, PhD

Affordable Care Act & Update of the Recent Utah State Legislative Session from the UMA Perspective
Ted Epperly, MD & Steven K. Miller, MD

Novel Intracranial Interventions
Paul A. House, MD

Jennifer Majersik, MD

Parkinson’s Disease and Other Tremors
Chris Hammond, DO

Day 2: Thursday, May 15

What’s New in My Specialty?
Occupational Medicine
Phil Jiricko, MD

What’s New in My Specialty?
Amber Bradshaw, MD

What’s New in My Specialty?
Starwars of the Body Besieged: A Review of Immunology and Immunodeficiencies
Harry R. Hill, MD

What’s New in My Specialty?
Gastroenterology Myths and Misperceptions
Chad M. Gonzales, MD

Pediatric Headache
Lynne Kerr, MD

Neurocritical Care/Neuro Red Flags
Paul Vespa, MD

The Willful Direction of Consciousness in Medical Practice
Jeffrey Schwartz, MD

What is all the Buzz About Fructose?
Kimber Stanhope PhD, RD

Cardio-Renal Syndrome
Alfred Cheung, MD

What to do When the Lytes go out
Kalani Raphael, MD

Day 3: Friday, May 16

What’s New in My Specialty?
Infectious Diseases-Latent TB
Petronella Adomako, MD

What’s New in My Specialty?
Peter G. Forstall, MD

Business Meeting
Robert Whipple, MD & Marc Johnson, MD

What’s New in My Specialty?
Side Effects of Cancer Treatment
Sunil Sharma, MD

Resident Program Presentation
Resident Speakers

  • Benjamin Brennan, MD
  • Daniel Flanagan, MD
  • Johnathan Gardner, MD
  • Daniel Sperry, MD
  • Natalie Trent, MD
  • Cassie Whittier, MD

Why Patients are More Than Their Brains
Walter Glannon, PhD

Epilepsy in Children
Harry T. Chugani, MD

Epilepsy in Adults
Jaideep Kapur, MD

Autoimmune Neurology, Paraneoplastic Disorders, and Multiple Sclerosis
The Latest in Diagnostics and Treatment
Stacey Clardy, MD