Presentations 2010

Presentations 2010

Day 1: Wednesday, May 12

Welcome and Announcements

What’s New in My Specialty
Controversies in PSA Screening – Tyler Christensen, MD
Latest in Bariatric Surgery – Steve Simper, MD
Controversy of Tight Glucose Management – Jack Wahlen, MD
What’s New in Orthopaedics – Dann Byck, MD

Life in the Balance
A Physician’s Memoir of Life, Love, and Loss with Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia
Thomas B. Graboys, MD

Earlier Diagnostics and Biological Markers for Alzheimer’s Disease
Mony de Leon, EdD

Proactive Dementia Care:
Beyond Standard Treatment to Prevent Crises
Norman Foster, MD

Panel Discussion – Firing Line on Health Care Reform
Paul Mero – The Sutherland Institute
Joseph Jarvis, MD – Utah Health Care Initiative
Jessica Kendrick – Utah Health Policy Project
Michelle McOmber, MBA, CAE – UMA
Questions and Answers

Day 3: Friday, May 14

What’s New in My Specialty?
Latest Treatment of Head Injury – Dennis Winters, MD
Radiation Oncology – Roger Hansen, MD
Buprenorphine/Naloxone for Opiate Withdrawal – John Reis, MD

Business Meeting
New Officers – Annual Report
Robert Whipple, MD

Mental Health Services Policy:
The Stepchild in Health Care Reform
David Mechanic, PhD

MD Participation in Capital Punishment
David Waisel, MD

The Uncertain Future of Primary Medical Care
David Mechanic, PhD

Prevention of Depression in At-Risk Adolescents
Richard Martini, MD

How Vulnerability for Addiction Informs Treatment Decisions
Marvin Seppala, MD

What the Primary Care Provider Needs to Know About Genetics
Bruce Korf, MD