Presentations 2011

Presentations 2011

Day 1: Wednesday, May 11

Welcome and Announcements– Bob Goode

What’s New in My Specialty?
Therapeutic Hypothermia – Charles Ivester MD, PhD
Emergency Department Narcotic Policy – Paul Lane, MD
Stroke Management: Update & Acute Stroke Evaluation & Management
– Chris Hammond, DO
Contemporary Treatment of Aortic Aneurysm – Robert Steppacher, MD

Head Injuries: To Scan or Not to Scan – Howard Kadish, MD

Prison Medicine – Kennon Tubbs, MD

Bioterrorism – Raymond Zilinskas, PhD

A Poke in the Eye: Ophthalmic Emergencies – Mark Schluter, MD

Envenomations: What’s Biting You? – Kevin Hegewald, MD

Day 2: Thursday, May 12

Day 3: Friday, May 13

New Officers: Annual Report – Robert Whipple, MD

What’s New in My Specialty?
Is Anesthesia Bad for the Pediatric Brain? – Eric Holley, MD
Minimally Invasive Atrial Fibrillation Ablation – David Affleck, MD

Ethical Issues During Emergencies – Jeremy Franklin, MD

Resident Program Presentation
Resident 1: 1:40
Resident 2: 17:30
Resident 3: 34:27
Resident 4: 49:30
Resident 5: 1:04:48
Resident 6: 1:19:11
Q&A with Residents: 1:37:00

Seeking Help Across Species Lines:
How Humans and Animals Can Benefit in Animal Assistance Programs

Frank McMillan, DVM
Therapy Animals & Canine Companions for Independence
David & Linda Weiskopf

Sports Injuries in the ER – Jeffrey Harrison, MD

Consequences of Childhood Obesity: Prepare to Treat a Growing Problem
Cristina Lau, MD & Katie Wewer, MS, RD, CD

Curing Blindness on Earth – Geoff Tabin, MD