Presentations 2009

Presentations 2009

Conference Schedule

Medicine Wednesday May 13
Announcements Marc Johnson, MD, President of 2009 Conference
Pulmonolgy-What’s New in My Specialty Charles T. Ivester, MD
Hospice-What’s New in My Specialty John Wood, MD -not complete-
Cardiology-What’s New in My Specialty Garry McKenzie, MD -unaudible-
Oncology-What’s New in My Specialty Vince Hansen, MD -unaudible-

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath:
New Orleans Flood Control John Barry, Author
HIV Harry Rosado, MD & Richard Gregoire, MD

The Great Influenza (1918):
KeyNote Speaker John Barry, Author

Congestive Heart Failure Dale Renlund, MD
Hematuria & Proteinuria Donald Kohan, MD
Wilderness Medicine Rich Ingebretsen, MD

Pediatrics Thursday May 14
Announcements Marc Johnson, MD, President of 2009 Conference
Neonatology-What’s New in My Specialty Mark Sheffield, MD.
Pediatric ER-What’s New in My Specialty Howard Kadish, MD
Rheumatology/Immunology-What’s New in My Specialty John Bohnsack, MD
Pediatric Diabetes-What’s New in My Specialty Mary Murray, MD

Resident Program Presentation Senior Residents
Nobel Prize Winner 2007-KeyNote Speaker Mario Capecchi, Ph.D.

Note: Billy Mills was not recorded due to contract restraints

Pediatric Fever Carrie Byington, MD
Autism Robert Hendren, DO Pediatric
Sedation Howard Kadish, MD

Surgery Friday May 15
Announcements Marc Johnson, MD, President of 2009 Conference
GYN Laparascopic Techniques-What’s New in My Specialty Jeff Arrington, MD
New Officers – 2009 Annual Report Robert Whipple, MD, Chair
Interventional Radiology-What’s New in My Specialty Mike Webb, MD
Hand Surgery-What’s New in My Specialty Kevin Stucki, DO

Disclosing Medical Errors:
Jay Jacobson, MD
Blood Transfusion Tim Hannon

Interesting Medical Stories in Utah:
KeyNote Speaker Ed Yates KSL News

Wound Care Harriet Hopf, MD
Neurosurgery David Newell, MD
Hypertension in Pregnancy Michael Belfort, MD